Tamsin Rose is a sought-after moderator who drives conversations forward and stimulates lively debate.

Moderation is about creating and holding a space, being fully present in the moment and listening and engaging with the audience. 

Tamsin Rose

A good moderator is the curator of the audience experience. Making sure that the content is clear, relevant and understandable.

Each event is a unique journey, Tamsin understands the starting point of the audience and guides them towards the destination.

She moves easily between small, closed-door meetings and large, high profile events.

Her moderation style is conversational, inclusive and interactive. She ensures that panels create a coherent narrative rather than just a series of individual presentations.

Tamsin has facilitated major international conferences, capturing the attention of big audiences and creating an engaging atmosphere. Working with the organising teams on logistical and technical details, she manages complicated agendas smoothly.

A skilled moderator has something to offer even experienced speakers like high profile politicians. Tamsin ensures that speakers are at ease, helping them to make an authentic connection to the audience.

Tamsin manages the flow of the event in tune with the audience’s attention levels. Changing up the tempo with group break-outs and interactive tools. Leading ice-breaker exercises and team building tools to build a sense of community among participants.


Tamsin moderating the EU Social Summit in Gothenburg (2017), featuring 8 heads of state, Secretary-General of the International Labour Organization and other stakeholders. 5 language simultaneous translation and livestreamed.

Tamsin was the moderator of the 2019 EU Vocational Skills Week